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"The Unexpected Art of Dodging Doggy Vomit"

"The Unexpected Art of Dodging Doggy Vomit"


  1. When people hear their dogs gaging and getting ready to vomit, their first instinct is usually to try and move their pets to a more convenient location. This might mean picking up the dog and carrying them outside (try that with a 90 lb. dog), or trying to guide them to a nearby tiled or linoleum floor (almost always unsuccessful). In their haste, some people forget to grab the necessary cleaning supplies, leading to a frantic scramble later on. And if the dog refuses to move, and is being dragged, a trail of puke is left behind. At that point, give up and just let it happen. 🤮


  1. Another common response to a vomiting dog is to try and stop the process altogether. Some owners will frantically rub their dog's back, thinking that this will soothe their stomach and prevent any further retching. Unfortunately, these strategies rarely work and the end result will be cleaning up vomit not only once, but perhaps multiple times in more than one location.


  1. One funny thing that people do when they hear their dogs gaging and getting ready to vomit is to start talking to the dog in a high-pitched, panicked voice. They might say things like "Oh no, what's wrong? Are you okay? Please don't throw up!" Stop!! Come here!! WTH is happening? Don’t you dare!! while flapping their arms and making exaggerated facial expressions. Unfortunately, your dog will be unfazed by the outburst and proceeds to bless your carpet with bright green or dark brown vomit, making sure that you will spend at least one hr. (if not more) of your life on your hands and knees trying to remove the stains usually in tears and in a lot of cases with a few choice words🤬.


  1. In some cases, people will try to catch the vomit in their hands or on a piece of flimsy paper, cloth, towel, blanket, piece of clothing or whatever is at arm’s length. This might seem like a good idea in the moment, as it could prevent a mess from spreading around the room. However, it can also be incredibly gross and unsanitary, not to mention ineffective if the dog ends up vomiting more than once, and you happened to grab your favorite t-shirt, because it was late at night and you couldn’t see. In your haste to protect the carpet you not only missed the launch of the inevitable puke bomb, but also managed to make a cleaning rag out of your beloved t-shirt.


  1. Finally, some people react to a heaving/retching dog by just watching it all unfold, unable to move or speak. Standing there in disbelieve😮 hoping noting will come out of that gaping hole, and that the dog is just messing with you. Well, we all know how that story ends.


In conclusion:

We know as responsible dog owners, that puke, no matter how big or small is part of the package deal. We accept it and we deal with it because in the end our angels can't do no wrong. 💕💕💕





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